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Sustaining a sound, home hot water system is vital. The plumbing is actually one of the most advanced mechanical systems in any building or home. That is why it is important to do regular water heater maintenance.

Not all water heater problems require a replacement. As neighborhood Plumbing contractors, we come across these issues on a regular basis. Do not panic, but call us right away to prevent any damage to your property. With annual water heater maintenance, surprise failures can usually be avoided.

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hot water heater maintenance and installation nova scotia
Hot Water Heater Usage Guide

There are plenty of factors to consider when shopping for an appropriate system for your needs. You may choose a traditional water heater which uses a water tank plus has a sufficient amount of hot water for your needs.

Or you might want an energy-efficient on-demand or tankless hot water system. These heat water as it passes through the unit, and have no reservoir tank. But do your research, as these systems are a bigger commitment.


Or maybe, you just need an extra water storage tank. Whatever your water heater maintenance needs, at, we have a solution.


We are experienced at getting to the heart of the problem. More often than not, the actual problem is a cracked gasket or rusted valve which needs replacing. But we will not know until we look “under the hood.” And this where regular water heater maintenance helps the most.

If you need a new water heater, don’t panic. We have access to the best prices in town, on all models. We will have a new one installed and working in only a few hours. The majority of non-commercial hot water tanks have a six or ten-year manufacturer’s warranty on the tank.

On the other hand, in the event you discover any of the following signs or symptoms you need to give us a call straight away. Then you can avoid any kind of damage to your assets.

6 signs your water heater might need to be replaced

Your domestic hot water unit is…
The domestic hot water unit is Leaky or leaking?
Your domestic hot water unit is Producing unclean water?
The domestic hot water unit is not providing sufficient hot water?
Your domestic hot water unit is displaying signs of corrosion or possibly rust?
The domestic hot water unit is Delivering foul-smelling water?
Your domestic hot water unit is more than 10 years old?

*We are experts in water heater tanks, with numerous repairs, installs and maintenance every month. We get the best prices and we know the brands. Call Now for the best service in town.