A Few Toilet Unclog Techniques for Dartmouth NS

A toilet overflow creates a potentially hazardous mess. Once the water is running across the bathroom floor, you will need to take action. Try to keep it from flowing to the corners and into the cracks.  Any grey water that gets between the cracks is a threat. If the water soaks into ceiling layers below the bathroom, it will be difficult to get out. Don’t worry about the toilet unclog, just get the water.

Move quickly using towels and bedsheets to absorb all of the run-off and prevent it from reaching hallway rugs and carpets. When it’s over, it will be easier to wash the towels and  sheets in your washing machine than it will be to renovate.

basic toilet unclog, nova scotiaToilet unclog hints

1. Stay away from chemical compounds, especially if it’s called “Easy Toilet Unclog.” Don’t let yourself be lured into believing that highly potent substances will do your messy labour for you. They sometimes succeed, but when they don’t, you have a drain full of corrosive water to deal with.

In the event that you used chemical substances and they did not work, fill the toilet with water. Then let it work over-night to drain through the clog. When it’s time to use the plunger, use long sleeves, glasses and rubber gloves to protect yourself.

Keep your toilet cover down. Children and furry family members will never tell you when they’ve dropped something into the toilet. Especially if they flushed.

You should not pour hardening chemicals into your toilet. These include things like drywall joint compound, grease or waxing products. There are many curves in the piping where substances can lodge themselves and capture other things. 

A clogged toilet that won’t drain can make for a rather distressing situation. If  you do not have another functional toilet, it can be a pain. It’s a serious problem that ought to be treated instantly.

In case you have clog and you need help, give us a call asap to prevent any permanent property damage. We can fix that headache and return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

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