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Day after day we go about our routine lives, rarely thinking about the water system that surround us. We take a shower, put in the laundry and fill the sink without considering how easy it is. We rarely think of domestic plumbing, until it’s gone. But when it’s gone, plumbing is all we can think about. But, at, our Nantucket Plumber Team think about plumbing every day, which means you don’t have to.

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Our Nantucket Plumber Pro Service Team delivers a complete array of general or custom plumbing services and are ready to service your household.

  • Our Team are certified professionals in hot water heater installation and repair
  • We install on demand or tankless water heaters
  • Our Team excel at dealing with a leaking or clogged toilet
  • We handle garbage disposal installation plus repair
  • Our team will help with sump pump installation and repair

As accredited and authorized Plumbing contractors, we offer the very best services. As property owners in the Halifax Regional Municipality, we will appreciate your business, and work towards servicing your family over generations.


Nantucket Plumber Water Heater Installation and Repair

Your hot water heater is the heart of your plumbing system. Common problems are that Nantucket plumber water heater installationheating elements fail or pilot lights go out. Depending on the water quality in your area, you can have sediment and bacteria buildup, cracks in the tank liner or breaker failure. Regular maintenance will save you money in the long run.

A leaky water heater is a signal that your tank could use a cleaning. At, our Nantucket Plumber pros will help you with repair, installation or replacement of your clogged, leaking or broken hot water unit.

Types of Water Heaters

The most common type of water heater is the Storage Tank model. They have been around for a hundred or more years and have an insulated tank where water is heated and stored until it’s needed. They’re available in electric, liquid propane (LP) and natural gas models. Natural gas and LP water heaters normally use less energy and are less expensive to operate than electric models of the same size.

Storage tank water heaters are classified by the amount of water they hold in gallons. You should also pay attention to the “Recovery Rate.” This tells you the number of gallons of water that the unit can heat in an hour. The greater your demand for hot water, the higher recovery rate you need. A tank’s cited energy efficiency and yearly operating costs can be found on the “EnergyGuide” label on the tank.

Tankless or On-demand Water heater

Tankless or On-demand water heaters do not store hot water. (Free Guide) They heat water as it passes through a series of coils in the unit. Since the unit only heats water as you use it, a tankless heater is usually more energy-efficient than a traditional storage tank unit. They’re available in electric, liquid propane and natural gas models. Most tankless units can provide up to 3.5 gallons of heated water per minute. These units are a good choice id demand does not call for hot water at more than two points in the household at a time.

know the Signs

Signs that you may need to replace your water heater. If you see any of the following signs please give us a call right away so we can prevent any damage to your property.

  1. Your hot water heater is leaking
  2. The hot water heater is producing dirty water
  3. Your hot water heater isn’t producing enough hot water
  4. The hot water heater is starting to show signs of corrosion or rust
  5. Your hot water heater is producing foul-smelling water
  6. The hot water heater is more than ten years old.

You may want to check with The Halifax Regional Municipality Water Quality to
find the water quality level in your neighbourhood.


Nantucket Plumber Certified Plumbing Inspection

An inspection can save you thousands of dollars, lost time and anxiety. Our friendly professional certified Nantucket Plumber Team listen closely, then isolate problems quickly and efficiently. If you are remodeling, it is the best time to inspect plumbing sites in your household or building.

We will put your system under pressure, check fittings and snake out any area that may require new copper or plastic. Before we leave we will give you a few tips and tricks to save you money over time.


Nantucket Plumber, Leaking Faucet RepairMaster Nantucket Plumber, Nova Scotia

You can light a candle when the lights go out. You can get a ride when the car stops. But when the plumbing is clogged it won’t be long before you have some real problems. That is why the Nantucket Plumber Team of is ready to go. We deliver the best possible plumbing service in and around Halifax, Dartmouth and the Regional Municipality.

Our Nantucket Plumber Team members are: Local, Licensed and Professional with EMERGENCY 24 HOUR SERVICE

Nantucket Plumber 24 hour Emergency Plumbing

Nantucket Plumber Drain Cleaning, NS

At The our Nantucket Team specialize in unblocking clogged drains. A clog can happen at any point in the pipe, but we suggest that you try the plunger first.

If you are experiencing an emergency clog in your system, then Call Us Immediately to prevent any damage. Whether in the shower, sink, toilet or tub, we will find the leak and relieve the pressure.

When it comes to your sewer system, trenchless or otherwise, we offer camera inspection services, rooter services, installation, repair, emergency repair and inspection.


Nantucket Plumber Clogged Toilet Repair, NS
Nantucket Plumber Clogged Toilet Repair, NS

Nothing can mess up your morning like a clogged toilet. In fact in Nantucket, it is the single most common plumbing problem. As you well know, if grey water cannot drain, then it will be felt all the way back up the sewage line. The worst case scenario is that it breaks the toilet seal or cracks the ceramic.

Whether it’s a toy in the toilet or build up in your bathtub, can facilitate your flow.


Nantucket plumber Leak detection, Nova Scotia

The second most common plumbing problem are leaks, and especially leaky faucets. Having a robust and healthy sewage system is like having a clean bill of health from the doctor. Locating, identifying and repairing leaks is what our Nantucket Plumber Team specialize in at

Look for these signs OF water leaks

  1. Moisture buildup or small pools of water at the base of your toilet
  2. When you turn off the water your faucet continues to flow
  3. Water accumulation in odd locations
  4. Recurring low water pressure when you turn on a tap or fill a sink
  5. Your water Bill is high

Our Nantucket Plumber Team will bring our detector to test your system. It is very good at detecting leaking drains. And once it is detected, we’ll get a fix on the problem and then we’ll get a fix on the pipe.


Nantucket plumber rooter serviceNantucket plumber, ns, Mr. Rooter Sam Blanc

As Mr. Samuel Oscar Blanc, inventor of the Roto-Rooter learned, necessity is the mother of invention. It was named a “Rooter” because the device was designed to drill through tree roots which had grown through and blocked clay sewage pipes. The first “Rooter” was fashioned from steel wire, an old washing motor and roller skate wheels.

Around the world, Rooter services are performed on a daily basis. Wherever there is a clogged pipe, they are used to drain grey water. If you have a drainage emergency, then stop reading this and Call Us Immediately. We will rush over and root out your plumbing problem. And our Nantucket Plumber Team members will finish the History of the Rooter when we get there.


Nantucket Plumber Faucet Repair
Nantucket Plumber Faucet Repair

Do you know how many faucets you have in your house? Aside from the obvious ones in your kitchen and bathroom, there are the taps on the outside of the house. Then there is the shower and the kitchen sink sprayer. Where there is water and plumbing, you will find at least one type of faucet.

If you have a leaky faucet in the kitchen, odds are you can change the gasket yourself. Easy-peasy. But if you have a leak in your bathtub faucet, an outside wall or a leaky shower, then you are going to need help. And that is what we trained for.

You can rely on, and our Nantucket Plumber Team members to assist with installation, repair and maintenance as well as replacement of old parts. We’ll fix you up and tighten your taps.


Nantucket Plumber Garbage Disposal Repair

Sometimes we expect too much from our devices. How many of us still use a twenty year old $15 toaster? Unlike the toaster, your garbage disposal has lots of moving parts. More moving parts mean things that can break down. Then add water, dirt, grit, silverware and bone fragments at high velocity. It would be like chewing sand. Eventually, something is going to give.

Our Nantucket Plumber Team will manage the replacement of any worn teeth and get that fabulous appliance back to grinding.


Nantucket Plumber Toilet Clog Repair

Nantucket Plumber Leaking Toilet Repair, Nova Scotia

It is known as the Loo, the Head, the John, but contrary to popular belief, the “Flush Toilet” was not invented by Thomas Crapper. But it still bares his name. The flush toilet was invented by Sir John Harington in 1596. It was called the Ajax, or Jax for short. Something to ponder the next time you’re on the “Throne.”

If your toilet is clogged and refusing to drain, then we are prepared to handle your problem. Our Nantucket Plumber Team at will unclog your day, and get you on your way. If your lavatory is leaking, we can replace or install the necessary parts. That will leave the rest of your schedule completely unblocked.


Nantucket Plumber Sump Pump installation

Sump pumps move water away from your foundation to keep from it flooding. Since water always finds it way to the lowest point, that is also where you will find the sump pump. There are two types.Nantucket sump pump installation

  1. A Pedestal pump has a motor atop a pedestal, hence the name, with a hose that draws the water out of the hole.
  2. A Submersible pump sits in the water, in the hole and pumps the water to a drain.

For many homeowners sump pumps are considered a DIY project. You may want to consider that our work comes with our Guarantee. It provides comfort, and comes with a good night’s sleep. Now that’s worth more than anything. 😉


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