Leaking Water Heater Problems, Dartmouth-Nova scotia

Maintaining a reliable hot water system is extremely important, because your plumbing system is one of the essential  systems in your home. Hot water is at the heart of your plumbing and a leaking water heater is cause for concern. But not all leaks require a new installation.

When it comes to hot water heaters, there are numerous factors to take into account. It is important to pick the most effective system for your needs.

Two types of hot water heaters

You may choose a conventional water heater that uses a tank and stores a sufficient amount of hot water. These are very common and have been around for a hundred years.

Or perhaps you might want an on-demand water heating system which heats water as it passes through an element. These are more cost effective, but tankless systems have limitations as well.

You might just need an extra water storage tank hooked into the original system. Or maybe, for something very different, perhaps you are toying with the idea of the installation of an indirect and / or tankless domestic hot water system. Whatever your choice, with out hot water flowing freely in your home, it is going to make everyday living complicated.

leaking water heater concerns

Contrary to popular belief not all leaky water heater complications call for a replacement. The hot water system in your house is more than a heating device and a storage tank. Domestic hot water systems are advanced plumbing systems which use a lot of moving and non-moving parts.

In order to understand why you have a leaky water heater, we must diagnose the problem. It might simply be a damaged gasket or rusted valve which has failed and needs replacement. Or it may be time for a change. Either way, it is important that you address it right away to prevent damage.

leaking water heater installation and repair halifax ns
Hot Water Heater Usage Guide

If it turns out that your leaking water heater is past it’s prime, then we can help. You will want to know the volume of water your need, and the number of people in the household. price also plays an important role.

Then we will take the outdated one away to make sure it gets proper disposal. Practically all home hot water tanks include a six or ten-year, manufacturers warranty for the water tank.

However, if you start to see any of the following warning signs please be sure to give us a call as soon as possible so that we can go over the options, which will help prevent any kind of damage on the house.

the 6 signs…

Our domestic hot water tank is…
Leaking or leaky water heater?
Producing mirky water?
Isn’t generating enough hot water?
Has been starting to display signs of corrosion and rust?
Delivering foul smelling water?
Is more than 10 years old?

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