Clogged Toilet Emergency Tips North End Halifax

A clogged toilet emergency can create a very foul situation. Not only does it make your life strenuous, and it causes panic. And if you do not have access to an alternate functional toilet, it can be very problematic. This is a real dilemma which should be dealt with right away. But don’t panic.clogged toilet emergency tools north end halifax

Once the water is running out of the bowl and onto the floor, it is important to take action straight away to stop it. Use towels and sheets to keep it from getting to the corners. Prevent it from seeping into the floor cracks. If it gets through to the ceiling below, it will be a costly mess to fix.

clogged toilet emergency tools

Use bed sheets, clothes, towels and any absorbent material to contain the spread of water. In the end, it’s cheaper to throw you towels in the washing machine than it is to renovate the house.

Clogged toilet emergency tips

1. Avoid noxious chemicals. Corrosive chemical substances are not going to do all of the messy work on your behalf. They generally succeed, but they often create larger clogged toilet emergencies. But if they fail, you have got a combination of grey water and  with corrosive chemicals to deal with.

Clogged Toilet emergency & Chemicals

If you used harsh chemicals but they didn’t get the job done, then fill the bowl with as much water as possible. You will need to let it stand overnight for it to drain through the clog. Next day, be sure to wear long sled shirt, gloves and glasses before you plunger. Clogged toilets are know to “burp” when the pressure is released.

2. Keep your toilet cover closed when not being used. This is to prevent your dog or cat, and your small children from dropping things into the bowl. You aren’t going to know if they did until it’s too late.

3. Do not pour hardening compounds down your toilet. Often we find drywall joint compound, grease and cleaning products. They accumulate in the pipe bends and trap other things like cotton balls and wipes. This is how a clogged toilet emergency begins.

In the event that you need assistance, simply pick up your phone and give our team a ring. We can help you to avoid any long-lasting damage to your plumbing and your property. Let us fix the problem and return you to your peace of mind.

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Clogged Toilet Emergency Tips North End Halifax
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Clogged Toilet Emergency Tips North End Halifax
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