About Us Plumbing Companies, Nova ScotiaHistory of the Word Plumb

The word plumb, / pləm/, originates in Latin as “plumbum” or “lead.” From there it makes its way through Middle English (originally in the sense ‘sounding lead’), via Old French.

Def: 1. nautical measure, or the depth of a body of water: To be of a specified depth. “at its deepest, the ocean scarcely plumbed 20 feet”

Most Common Problems

Did you know that most people call a plumber for a clogged toilet, garbage disposal issues and leaking hot water heater problems? It’s not rocket science, but when you need a plumber, you need them immediately. We like to think of ourselves as the 911 of Drains.


Our Homes, OUR Families and OUR Neighborhoods’

At Best Plumbing Service we are a team of plumbers who live in your neighbourhood. We all have houses and we all have families and we all have plumbing. We understand what it’s like to have a clog first thing in the morning when everyone is trying to get out the door.


Halifax Plkumber and Plumbing Dartmouth Nova ScotiaThe Two Things You Can Count On

Because plumbing is so intertwined in our homes, it affects everyone and everything. So when it fails, there are two things that you can count on:

  1. That it will always fail at the worst possible moment.
  2. That when you call us, we will respond as fast as humanly possible.


Why We Plumb

We started this company because we love plumbing. Yes, it’s hard to imagine, because plumbing is not sexy. It’s meat and potatoes. Everything flows downhill, and to us, working with gravity is just a predictable element that we rely on. We are men and women who work with our hands to solve problems.


It’s About the Second Call

We call ourselves Best, because we really believe that we understand the whole picture when it comes to plumbing. It’s not just about the job, or the panic, or the cheque. For us, it’s about the SECOND call. If we don’t solve your problem quickly, restore the calm and not rob your piggy bank in the process, you will call us again. It may not be for years, but we’re here for the long haul and we want to be your first dial if you ever need a Plumbing Service again.


One And The Same

So give us a call, we like a challenge. If you give us the chance, we will show you that what we say we do, and what we do, are one and the same.


Some of the Areas We Serve

Downtown Halifax, The Hydrostone, North End Halifax, West End, Halifax, Quinpool district, Richmond, South End Halifax, Spring Garden, Armdale, Boulderwood, Clayton Park, Cowie Hill, Fairview, Fairmount, Jollimore, Melville Cove, Rockingham, Spryfield, Albro Lake, Crystal Heights, Highfield Park, Brightwood, Burnside, Crichton Park, Downtown Dartmouth, Imperoyal, Manor Park, Nantucket, Portland Estates, Portland Hills, Portobello, Port Wallace, Shannon Park, Tuft’s Cove, Wallace Heights, Westphal, Woodlawn, Woodside, Bedford, Beaverbank, Birch Cove, Fall River, Glen Moir, Hammonds Plains, Lower Sackville, Middle Sackville, Princes Lodge, Upper Sackville, Waverley, Wellington, Windsor Junction, Harbourview, Ellenvale, Highfield Park



The Team at Best Plumbing Services